Anxiety Counseling in Ballard
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Rediscover Calm

Anxiety? I can help.

are you a caring person?

I think that’s fantastic! I’m glad you’re in the world.

But… could you use some extra support?

I’d love to talk to you about it. I think that people who take care of other people are the greatest, and work hard to help support them.

do i have to wait until i’m ‘in crisis’ to be in counseling?

No. If you are stressed or suffering – even if it is ‘manageable’, even if you can get through your day, even if you think it might go away on its own – don’t wait. Seek help NOW. Counseling can help lessen suffering and avoid future mental health crisis. If you can’t see me personally, there are options in your area, and I encourage you to reach out to a mental health professional today if you are interested in counseling.

What does a session look like?

I listen, you talk. I’ll ask questions, and use my education and experience to guide our work. Together we discover ideas and solutions that fit your own values and best judgement, disrupt destructive patterns, and identify ways to take small steps towards mighty goals. 

is this the sort of thing where I have to lay down on a couch?

No. There is a couch, but I recommend sitting because it’s easier to drink coffee that way.

how can i be sure that you’re the right counselor for me?

The best way is to come in for a free 20 minute consult - you’ll get a good sense of who I am and whether we’re a good ‘fit’. Counselors are all different, and I encourage everyone to shop around for the best fit.

The greatest expert on you is YOU - and I honor that. 



Ready to Begin? Call or Text



1417 NW 54th St.


Ballard, Seattle, WA 98107

My office is in a secured building. To enter at your appointment time, type “445” in the call box, and I will buzz you in!

My office is in a secured building. To enter at your appointment time, type “445” in the call box, and I will buzz you in!

(262) 448-6662

Who I Work With

people struggling with anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of life - until it’s not. If you experience anxiety in a way that is persistent or overwhelming, treating your anxiety could improve your life considerably. I work with all my clients to make custom treatment plans to aid in their recovery.

Moms, Dads, and other family or paid Caregivers

Our society paints a very specific idea of what caring for others ‘should’ look like – Clean house! Calm voices! Crafts! - and the reality can be far from that ideal. I work with all my caregiver clients to look compassionately and constructively at their situation, find ways to ease anxiety and burdens, and let go of expectations that do not serve their situation. 

People Seeking Polyamorous, Kink, Queer, and/or LGBTAI+ Affirming Counseling

If you are looking for a counselor who can follow a conversation about your partner doing a scene with your metamour, please know that you will find me a knowledgeable and affirming counselor. I celebrate caring people of all sexual, gender, and romantic orientations, and work hard to stay current with the issues effecting the people in these communities.

Partners in Polyamorous, non-monogamous, or chosen families

Balancing a relationship with your own emotional needs can be a challenge, regardless of your family structure. Those in relationship structures that go beyond the ‘nuclear family’ sometimes need a therapist who is affirming and knowledgeable enough to understand that relationship’s complex dynamics. My office is a safe place to talk about the joys and challenges of your unique relationships.

Caregivers of those with special needs

I use my personal experience as a caregiver of someone with special needs to support my clients, and I know how hard it is for caregivers to reach out for support. I offer flexible schedules to meet the needs of my busy clients, and hope to pack our sessions with enough ‘value’ to justify your time. Your work is important!

my office is a safe place for all people.

In addition to my specialties,

It has been my privilege to work with people struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, co-occurring disorders (addiction and mental health concerns), people who are ‘re-starting’ their lives after great change or tragedy, and people who face daily hardships due to income inequality, racism, homophobia, physical or mental illness, or other societal or personal difficulties. 

I am a Mental Health Counselor because I believe in the power of Counseling!


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them
— Albert Einstein