Anxiety Counseling in Ballard


Counseling Sessions

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Session Dates and times

I see clients in my office at a variety of times and dates, with weekend and evening availability. Call, text, or email for details.

I take Sundays and Mondays off. - Calls or emails received on those days might not be answered until Tuesday.

Free 20 minute consultation

I offer free 20-minute consultation sessions, on the phone or in person, for you to ask any questions and for you to see if we are a “good fit”. If it’s not a ‘good fit’, I will try to provide you with a direction to find the services your are looking for, hopefully giving you a written recommendation.

Call, text, or email to schedule.

scheduling, timing, and no-shows

I recommend weekly sessions for the first three weeks, but you can be seen weekly, monthly, yearly - it’s up to you.

I do not charge for missed appointments. That being said, please let me know you will miss an appointment as early as possible, understand that I will try to reach out if you “no-show” to check on your well-being, and if you “no-show” more than 2x a year, we will need to re-evaluate the situation

Fees and payment

My fee for individual sessions is $120 per 50-minute session. I am currently in the process of adding credentials to counsel couples/romantic partners, and offer those services at a special rate - please inquire if interested.

I am a member of Open Path Collective (, and currently have slots open for members to receive therapy at $40-60 per session. Click here to see my Open Path profile. If you don’t qualify for Open Path but are low-income or have special circumstances, email me about sliding scale options.

If you prefer to pay with cash or check, please pay at the beginning of the session. Otherwise, I will email you a bill after your session that you can pay with a debit card at your convenience. If you are more than two weeks behind on payments, I will need to check in with you about your bill before we continue.


I am not currently ‘in-network’ for any insurance company. It is possible your insurance company might reimburse you for ‘out-of-network’ counseling. You will need to call them to ask. I cannot guarantee they will reimburse you.

When you call your insurance company to ask about getting reimbursement for out-of-network counseling, some useful questions are “Do you reimburse for ‘out-of-network mental health services?”, “Can services be provided by a counselor with LMHCA credentials?”, and “What is the reimbursement rate?”.


Many people enter counseling because they ‘want to feel better’, and I heartily believe that counseling helps most people feel better. But many who enter counseling for the first time feel a little ‘worse’ after the first session, which is unexpected and frightening for them. I wanted to take a little space to give my thoughts on the early stages of counseling.

In physical medicine, sometimes it is necessary to move a limb and set a bone before healing can begin – I believe that many people must emotionally go through something similar when it comes to counseling. I do not want you to feel greater pain after our sessions, but sometimes, ESPECIALLY in the initial sessions, I believe an increase in emotional pain can signal the beginning of a healing process.

If you experience an increase or deepening of emotional pain after counseling sessions, it is important to LET YOUR COUNSELOR KNOW. I care about your experience in counseling, and want to monitor your pain and seek ways to assist your healing process.